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Pillow case (45*50, 50*70, 70*100)

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Pillow case

Product description
Warp count: 20s
Weft count: 20s
Ends/inch: 60
Picks/inch: 60
GSM: 154
Thread count:120/inch2

1.Large size :
Pillow case width: 27.3”
Pillow case length:39”

Pillow case width: 70cm
Pillow case length:100cm

2.midium size
Pillow case width:19.5”
Pillow case length:27.3”

Pillow case width: 50cm
Pillow case length:70cm

3.small size
Pillow case width:17.55”
Bed set length:19.5”

Pillow case width: 45cm
Pillow case length:50cm

Key features
Cotton feels soft and nice against your skin
- Plain woven pillow case cotton is very soft and pleasant to sleep in, and has a pronounced luster that makes it look beautiful on your bed.
- cotton cellulose keeps you dry and comfortable all through the night, because it absorbs and transports moisture away and helps your body maintain a comfortable, even temperature.

Package measurements and weight

Package: 1.large size
Width: 14.82 " (38 cm)
Height: 12.48" (32 cm)
Length: 19.5” (50 cm)

Package: 2.medium size

Width: 13.65 " (35 cm)
Height: 19.5" (50 cm)
Length: 17.94” (46 cm)

Package: 3. small size

Width: 13.65 " (35 cm)
Height: 19.5" (50 cm)
Length: 17.94” (46 cm)

People & Planet
All the cotton in our products comes from more sustainable sources. This means that the cotton is either recycled, or grown with less water, less fertilizers and less pesticides, while increasing profit margins for the farmers.
Renewable material (cotton).
Non-chlorine bleach.

107 Thread count.
Thread count indicates the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count the more densely woven the fabric.

Care instructions
Machine wash, hot 140°F (60°C).
Close the zipper before washing.
Tumble dry, normal.

Do not dry clean.
Product description
100 % cotton

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