• Weaving

    Weaving Preparatory


    2 direct warping machines – RAMALLUMIN FURRER, ITALY with creel capacity of 602 cones and 500mpm.


    There are 2 ROTAL sizing mcs with 7 cylinder and 9 cylinders with cooking kettle and reservoir tanks.

    The one mc is running at 12.7MPM and the other at 50MPM.  


    The loom shed capacity is new PICANOL OMNIPlus 800 Air jet – 66nos.

    8 mcs of Picanol width is 250cm and speed ranges from 600 to 800RPM.

    58 mcs of Picanol width is 190cm and speed ranges from 600 to 800RPM.

    Old Somet Master SM93 rapier – 112nos with LUWA humidification and OHTC.

    The colour selection in Picanol looms is 2 and Somet looms is 6.

    The Somet looms are running from 280 to 300 with efficiency around 60- 70%.

    Grey Fabric Inspection:


    The Grieg fabrics are made to run on the automatic inspection for the purpose of measuring the length of the fabric and trimming the selvedges. There is system of measuring the fabric defects in the Grieg cloth. The automatic counter for entering the fabric defects in each roll and generate label with data.