Our Vision

To make our factory competent in the international market by producing fabric and yarn from 100% cotton fiber with customer needs and requirements by the end of 2025.

Our Mission

  • Make the company beneficiary by using efficient labor force, local inputs and resources, lower manufacturing cost and to produce quality textile products.
    Delight our customers by producing tailor-made textile products supported by marvelous service.
    Create employment opportunities and bring knowledge transfer in areas of the textile sector.
    Contribute its part for the betterment of the national economy.

Organizational Values

To care for our staff, customer oriented, employees belongingness to the company, committed to the company growth, gender equality, good relation with community, sustainability

  • Our workers are our wealth
  • Produce based on customers’ requirements and provide good services
  • Employee’s belongingness to the company
  • committed for the growth of the company
  • to make sure gender equality
  • a good relationship with the community
  • play a role in social corporate responsibilities
  • produce with solving social compliance and sustainability issues





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