Human Resource  

The company has got about 1431 staffs of which 799 are males and 632 are females. More than a few of employees or 79% of the company employees are worked in main production sections. The remaining 21% of employees’ are under support process sections. With respect to their profession 9% of workers have first degree and second degree holders. 27% of employees are diploma holders and 9.3% of workers are from technical and vocational schools. The remaining 54% of employees are categorized under various grade level and all workers are on the average age of 27.  


Bahirdar airport is an international port connected with Addis Ababa (Bole air port) at least three flights per day. Road transport connected to the factory are easily accessible to every part of the country. It is 1,490 km far from the port of Djibouti. Relatively reliable and low cost, power supply in coming from the country's central integrated grid system. Digital telecommunication, broad band network and faxes are available. 

The company will be ever sustained and you are beneficial in working with us for the reasons listed here under. 

  • Integrated Textile Mill
  • Low labor cost
  • High Flexibility
  • Focus on customer needs
  • Recognition in ISO
  • Advanced Manufacturing Machine
  • Near to cotton growing area (Humera, Metema, and sudan)
  • Never worried in scarcity of water for manufacturing process the company has planted beside to river Nile

Enhance University Industry Linkage

The company will be the main destination of the  Universities supporting their teaching and learning processes to ensure the quality of education in such a manner by hosting their students in internship, practical training and research in all fields of study like textile, garment, electrical, mechanical and other business fields.

Social Benefits

As the factory is capital intensive, the project is expected to maintain the existing job securities for about 1500 employees which have been threatened by likely closure of the company. Assuming that each employee having an average of five family members under each more than 7500 people are directly relying on the existence of the company.

Since the machineries are high tech expected to be relatively productive & profitable. In the near future, the factory will have served as a source of money for additional factories to be created which can in turn absorb more labor power. 

The company has & will have a great role to strengthen social responsibility. 

The factory will utilize substantial quantity of cotton as raw material, and supplies its products to the local market. In this aspect, it is believed that it will play a vital role in linking backward and forward with cotton producers and garment factories respectively. Consequently this will encourage and support the development of the agricultural sector on the one hand and the garment industries on the other.

The project will substitute for imports of the same products and exporting to generate higher value added and to earn foreign exchange.     



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